Wind Power

  Wind power, as a clean renewable energy source, has been paid more and more attention by the people in the world.  It has great amount of wind power worldwide. Global wind energy is about 2.74×109MW; the available wind energy is about 2×107MW, which is 10 times greater than the total amount of water on the earth that can be exploited. It is an international trend to develop and use wind energy. The wind industry has become another sunrise industry after IT and other industries. Wind power generation can provide 12 percent of the world's electricity demand and can create 1.8 million jobs by 2020. Moreover, it can reduce the waste gas emission of more than 10 billion tons of sulfur dioxide.

  After more than 10 years of efforts, we have made huge progress in development and utilization of the wind energy. Nowadays, our country has installed 180,000 units of off-grid wind turbines, more than 2,000 wind water-lifting sets. The quantity occupies the first place in the world.Grid connected wind turbine products of 100 kilowatts have formed the production specialization, and 200kW, 250kW, 600kW, 750kW wind turbine can be put into batch production. We have constructed 40 wind power plants and have mounted 1042 grid connected wind turbine, which has realized 567020kW for installed gross capacity. China entered the 10th place in the world.

  With the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 863 projects, China has basically mastered the wind turbine and the design of main components and manufacturing capacity. During the tenth five-year plan period, we plan to finish the development for MW wind turbine, which will lay the foundation for the competition of domestic wind turbine industry in energy market. It can play a positive role in protecting ecological environment, adjusting energy structure and achieving sustainable development of the national economy.

Small wind turbine

Wind turbine classification:

According to the output capacity of wind turbines, wind turbines can be divided into small, medium, large, megawatt series.

一、Small wind turbine is a generator with generator capacity of 0.1kw to 1kw. Recommend products: SRW small capsule wind turbine slip ring.

二、Medium wind turbine is a generator with generator capacity of 1kw to 100kw. Recommend products: SRW small and medium-sized capsule wind turbine slip ring.

三、Large wind turbine is a generator with generator capacity of 100kw to 1000kw.

四、Megawatt wind turbine is a generator with generator capacity of above 1000kw.

Permanent-magnetic and direct-drive wind turbine generators

Direct-driven Wind Turbine Generators is a generator driven by wind power. It is also named gearless wind motor. This generator adopts multipolar machine directly connecting with impeller to drive and has spared traditional gearbox. Gearbox is the part that can be easily damaged; therefore, Direct-driven Wind Turbine Generators without gearbox have the advantages of low wind speed at high efficiency, low noise, long working life, small volume, low maintenance cost.