Engineering machine slip rings are widely used in mechanical engineering filed

For example:electrical slip ring of crane is mainly installed in the center of gyration,it transmitting power and signal while lifting
This series slip ring with big current and volume generally are applied to dusty and exposed condition, it also supports quake-proof ,low temperature to ensure the reliability and super long operation life.

Moflon MW&MFS series slip rings are widely used in engineering hoisting equipment.

Engineering machine slip ring features:
◈ Compact size,easy to install、high reliability,long operating time.
◈ IP65,able to work under dusty and exposed environment
◈ Alloy structure,precious contact material,high conductivity、low transmission loss
◈ Quake-proof design,can work in high vibration condition。
◈ Low temperature resistance,working stability:-55℃~+80℃。
◈ Can add encoder, potentiometer,function of angle.
◈ Can up to 600A,signal ring and connecting form can be customized
◈ Have mold for slip rings with under 18 rings,short lead time
◈ Long life time,maintenance-free within 2 years.
Typical application:port(shipping)machinery 、fire engine 、hydraulic aerial cage、current reel(include marine)、excavator、crane、hoisting(large/medium/small tonnage)