High speed PTZ camera is a security product with very high integration ,Moflon MC,MMC and compact MT series slip rings integrate pan tilt ,communication  and camera system. Pan tilt system is the rotation part which driven by motor,communication system is a processing  part that controls the motor,picture and signal,Camera system is the movement that adopts AIO.High speed dome camera uses precision motor and it achieves the performance of high speed ,accurate positioning and rotating.All performances are achieved through the instruct of CPU.Picture and function of camera are set into CPU,then transmitted out  pictures even more functions can be achieved when camera is working ,such as :white balance ,shutter ,aperture , varifocal , focusing.

Electrical slip ring is the key component of high speed CCTV camera,it can ensure integrity and rapidity of data communication under  continuously high-speed 360 degree rotating. Due to strict space limitation inside of high speed dome camera ,Moflon designed different SRC capsule slip ring for different  dome camera,outer diameter of slip ring respectively are 12mm、15mm、16mm、18mm、22mm ,etc.SRC capsule slip rings have features of low torque,fluent rotation,long life time,compact size ,which can completely meet the requirements of CCTV.In particular,Moflon SRF022 series HD slip ring specifically satisfy the needs of serial digital signal and analog signal transmission,can be used in 1080P、1080IHD-SDI,transmission rate can up to 3Gbps/3GHz and even higher.The product  includes 1channel high frequency signal  and 8 or 12 channels common signal,high frequency signal adopts RF coaxial configuration of  characteristic impedance 50Ω/75Ω,fit with MMCX、SMA、MCX、BNC、SMB connector(Other specified connector can be adapted,lead wires are available RG174、RG178、RG179、RG316);Common signal can transmit power,control signal,or other low frequency signal.

Controller keyboard

Controller keyboard  is a comprehensive keyboard for system controlling and system programming. It is designed according to man-machine principle,could easily control the rotation of PTZ and lens action. Variable-speed joystick could control various intelligent high speed dome cameras.image multiplexer and digital video recorder can be controlled too.It can finish all the operation of the matrix system and function of programming setting .