• Why are our slip rings burn out?

    Maximum current slip ring allowed is a current value of safe operation, which depends on the cross-sectional area of the conductive ring, the contact area of the brush, the pressure of the brush and contact surface, rotational speed and other integrated factors. If exceeds this value, slip rings will likely generate heat, seriously contact surface will light a fire , and even welding points will be formed between the brush and conductive ring. Although we will consider certain safety factor in the design phase of conductive slip ring, still recommends that customer offers maximum current based on the actual to the slip ring manufacturer.

  • Why does slip ring rotate unsmoothly?

    The reasons for causing such problems generally are haven`t chosen anti-vibration type when customers choosing the sealed slip ring, but with the environment there are strong vibrations. Resulting in damage of thin bearings within the slip ring , plastic spindle rupture, etc.

  • Which kinds of technical data should be provided when choosing slip rings?

    When selecting slip rings, the following important performance specification should be taken into consideration: 1. Operating speed rpm 2.Circuits, signal rings (Circuit, ring and way are all synonymous. If there is a return path or ground then it is a separate circuit. In some slip rings a circuit can be used either way and is counted only once.) 3. Maximum voltage and current for the power circuits and signal circuits. 5. Operating temperature 6. IP grade ( sealing requirements)

  • How to choose a suitable slip ring to adapt your own system?

    Slip ring is sophisticated mechanical and electrical products. Before choosing, some factors should be taken into consideration, such as rotating speed, current, voltage, signal type, size and environment and so on. After comprehensive evaluation, a suitable slip ring can be chosen.

  • Which part of the assembly stays stationary and which part rotates?

    There are two distinct parts of a slip ring. Functionally it makes no difference whether the core (center stack) or the brushes (mounting base and housing) rotate. It is all dependent on how the assembly is mounted and installed on your machine or equipment.

  • What are the differences between slip ring and brush?

    Brush is a main part of the slip ring. Brush is a lump and installation parts consisting of graphite, precious metal or carbon material, which connects with the system outside of the rotating parts. When operating, rings with rotating can continuously contact with these brushes. Finally, it can realize the power and data signal transmission.


    Slip ring is very important component and parts that can solve the 360 degrees continuous rotating , and get electricity to a continuously rotating part of my assembly, rotate without limits. Working style of slip ring is similar as bearing, it usually rotates at inner cycle and keep non-rotating at outer cycle. Inner cycle with wires inlet and outer cycle with wires out, all wires have one-to-one correspondence for continuous conduction。