• Robotic arm

    Robotic arm

    Robotic Arm is a device with automatic control, Automatically operate according to the pre-set programming,also can act on the base of the program that formu...

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  • Industrial turntable

    Industrial turntable

    Packaging machinery is the one can complete all or part of the product’s packing with a machine. The processing including filling,wrapping and sealing etc,al...

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  • Cable Reel

    Cable Reel

    There are two kinds of cable reel,spring-loaded cable reel and motor-drived cable reel.The first one mainly used on crane,stacking equipment and waste-water t...

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  • Crane


    Engineering machine slip rings are widely used in mechanical engineering filed For example:electrical slip ring of crane is mainly installed in the center of...

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  • Medical


    Industry requirements: high current, rotating speed, outline, space. Slip ring product recommendation: MMC (miniature capsule slip ring) series, MFS (wa...

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  • Offshore


    Requirements:large current,high protection Recommendation:MW series large current slip ring,MT series slip ring,MFO series fiber optic slip ring and ot...

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  • Radar


      Radar is an electronic device which detecting target by using electromagnetic wave,it works by broadcasting electromagnetic wave towards a target and th...

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  • Amusement


    Since the German invented the first recreational game console, the "music box” in the last century, the game console was known very well gradually&...

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  • CCTV


    High speed PTZ camera is a security product with very high integration ,Moflon MC,MMC and compact MT series slip rings integrate pan tilt ,communica...

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  • Robot


      Robot is the machine that performs the work automatically. It not only can be commanded by humans, but also can run programs arranged in advance, as we...

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  • Wind Power

    Wind Power

      Wind power, as a clean renewable energy source, has been paid more and more attention by the people in the world.  It has great amount of wind pow...

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